Vishwakarma is the Lord of Architecture in Hinduism


Vishwakarma is the managing divinity of all specialists and designers. Child of Brahma, he is the heavenly designer of the entire universe and the official manufacturer of the considerable number of divine beings’ royal residences. Vishwakarma is additionally the creator of all the flying chariots of the divine beings, and every one of their weapons.

The Mahabharata portrays him as “The master of human expressions, agent of a thousand painstaking work, the woodworker of the divine beings, the most famous of craftsmans, the fashioner of all adornments …

also, an extraordinary and eternal god.” He has four hands, wears a crown, heaps of gold adornments, and holds a water-pot, a book, a noose and specialist’s instruments in his grasp.


Hindus broadly view Vishwakarma as the lord of design and building, and September 16 or 17 consistently is praised as Vishwakarma Puja — a determination time for laborers and experts to expand profitability and increase divine motivation for making novel items. This custom normally happens inside the processing plant premises or shop floor, and the generally unremarkable workshops wake up with a holiday. Vishwakarma Puja is additionally connected with the light custom of flying kites. This event in a way likewise denote the begin of the happy season that finishes in Diwali.


Hindu mythology is loaded with Vishwakarma’s numerous building ponders. Through the four ‘yugas’, he had assembled a few towns and royal residences for the divine beings.

In “Satya-yuga”, he fabricated the Swarg Loke, or paradise, the residence the divine beings and demigods where Lord Indra rules. Vishwakarma then constructed the ‘Sone ki Lanka’ in “Treta yuga”, the city of Dwarka in “Dwapar yuga”, and Hastinapur and Indraprastha in the “Kali yuga”.


As indicated by Hindu mythology, ‘Sone ki Lanka’ or Golden Lanka was where the devil ruler Ravana stayed in the “Treta yuga.” As we read in the epic story Ramayana, this was likewise where Ravana kept Sita, Lord Ram’s better half as a prisoner.

There is additionally a story behind the development of Golden Lanka. At the point when Lord Shiva wedded Parvati, he requested that Vishwakarma fabricate a delightful castle for them to dwell. Vishwakarma set up a royal residence made of gold! For the housewarming service, Shiva welcomed the shrewd Ravana to play out the “Grihapravesh” custom. After the holy service when Shiva requested that Ravana ask anything consequently as “Dakshina”, Ravana, overpowered with the magnificence and loftiness of the royal residence, approached Shiva for the brilliant royal residence itself! Shiva was obliged to acquiesce to Ravana’s desire, and the Golden Lanka turned into Ravana’s royal residence.


Among the numerous legendary towns Viswakarma manufactured is Dwarka, the capital of Lord Krishna. Amid the season of the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna is said to have lived in Dwarka and made it his “Karma Bhoomi” or focal point of operation. That is the reason this place in northern India has turned into a notable journey for the Hindus.


In the present “Kali Yuga”, Vishwakarma is said to have fabricated the town of Hastinapur, the capital of Kauravas and Pandavas, the warring groups of the Mahabharata. In the wake of winning the skirmish of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna introduced Dharmaraj Yudhisthir as the leader of Hastinapur.


Vishwakarma additionally constructed the town of Indraprastha for the Pandavas. The Mahabharata has it that King Dhritrashtra offered a land parcel called “Khaandavprastha” to the Pandavas for living. Yudhishtir complied with his uncle’s request and went to live in Khaandavprastha with the Pandava siblings. Afterward, Lord Krishna welcomed Vishwakarma to fabricate a capital for the Pandavas on this land, which he renamed ‘Indraprastha’.

Legends enlighten us concerning the compositional wonder and excellence of Indraprastha. Floors of the royal residence were so well done that they had a reflection like that of water, and the pools and lakes inside the castle gave the hallucination of a level surface with no water in them.

After the royal residence was constructed, the Pandavas welcomed the Kauravas, and Duryodhan and his siblings went to visit Indraprastha.

Not knowing the miracles of the castle, Duryodhan was flummoxed by the floors and the pools and could be categorized as one of the lakes. The Pandava spouse Draupadi, who saw this scene, had a decent chuckle! She countered, indicating Duryodhan’s dad (the visually impaired ruler Dhritarashtra) “the child of a visually impaired man will undoubtedly be visually impaired.” This comment of Draupadi irritated Duryodhan so much that later on, it turned into a noteworthy reason for the colossal war of Kurukshetra portrayed in the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita.

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